GenLab Alpha session notes, from Io-87, coyote seer and sage.

My fellow canines are a constant source of frustration. They can't seem to see beyond the end of their noses, nestled snugly in the rear ends of the watchers. Why can't they see they are prisoners, not trusted companions or privileged pets? The domesticated dogs will always be an impediment. Perhaps some of the others will understand. My visions are clear: freedom is our only hope.

Out of habit or false reverence, they listen to the senile ramblings of Enceladus-4, who preaches obedience through his clouded lens of fear and conditioned response. In addition to my scrap-collecting fox companion, Jupiter 24, only the somewhat unhinged Aldrin-97 seems to grasp the potential the resistance offers and the great future that I have foreseen. Thankfully, Aldrin's information proved valuable in obtaining a weapon that should be a boon to our efforts. 

I'm still uncertain of my companions. Their protection from the dangers outside the habitats is certainly fortuitous. As my scrying foretold, the moose proved his usefulness in breaching the fences, if a little clumsily. And the stealth and athleticism of the cat and lizard provided a clean entrance to the paranoia-riddled hovel of Gagarin, and undetected egress. 

The first steps have been taken. I will consult the sun and the moon and sprits within. It is hard to imagine that the flighty rabbits will provide the leverage we need, but perhaps their skittish nature and the distrust it breeds (if you'll pardon the pun) has done some of the work for us already.

GenLab Alpha session notes, from Io-87, coyote seer and sage.

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