Mutant: Genlab Alpha

Session 6: The Labyrinth Pt II

The gang took the plunge into the darkness and learned much from the Labyrinth. Groucho stood guard above. They scoured 2 floors of the 4 they could see.

They found many artifacts. They also discovered a map of the Labyrinth labeled Genlab Alpha, portraits of the Old Ones, each with a name starting with the term Chancellor, and a photograph with Kaiser and Beatrice K written on the back. They also encountered a friendly-seeming Watcher named SPX-321 or Sprax. This Watcher was strange – he had some form of screen with the projection of the silhouette of an Old Ones face on it.

Sprax informed them of some sort of war between the old ones and strange factions known as Elysium, Noatun and Mimir. It seemed that this Genlab Alpha belonged to Elysium and was an experiment, mixing animal DNA (whatever that is) with the Old Ones. It was supposed to help them design humans capable of surviving on the surface world – which seemed odd since the surface seems fine in the valley. Sprax also mentioned that no human had entered Genlab Alpha in some time – he seemed to mistake the group for Old Ones somehow. He also mentioned that someone named Chronos was running the experiment still.

The gang carried on, finding Jupiter's friend, Sun 02, in some form of deep sleep. Nearby they also found Harpo being operated on by more of the strange-faced Watchers. After a brief firefight, the gang overwhelmed the Watchers and found Harpo to be in a similar deep sleep, but with all manner of mechanical implants grafted onto him. Orwell 84 smothered Harpo to prevent him from carrying on his hellish existence.

The group then found another strange lab, filled with all manner of wildlife in the valley. Johnny 05 befriended a centipede snake, naming him Chancellor Legman.

At last, the group found a series of cells. They found a rat named Nero 19 who seemed to have lost his mind at the hands of the Watchers. They helped Nero escape. They also found Einstein in another cell, now an abomination of metal and flesh. He begged them to let them out and then attacked. Once Einstein was put down, they carried on and found Truffaut and amazingly, Venus, Mars' sister, untouched.

That was when the alarms went off. Quickly, the group returned to gather Sun 02 and then ran for the secret entrance to the Labyrinth. Orwell brought up the rear with the EMP rifle. After a desperate climb with strange fans that suddenly started as they ascended, the group finally found fresh air again. Not without their losses though. Tragically, Orwell lost his grip after being shot by a drone and fell to his death in the blackness.

Seeing no other option and with Watchers on their tail, they gathered strange artifacts from the cabin at the top of the mountain – long wooden planks and strange poles. They quickly slid down the mountain and once again found Juno 69. Juno informed the group that the Resistance had taken up anew at Rat Castle. They made their way there, limping along exhaustedly and without the company of one of their friends…


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