Mutant: Genlab Alpha

Session 5: The Labyrinth Pt I

The crew followed a trail from the helicopter and found themselves ambushed by Wildpaw, Ringo, Jupiter and Johnny 05. After the confusion was cleared up, Wildpaw stated that Truffaut had been taken by the Watchers. Wildpaw had heard that a cat, Juno 69 (Mars' rival) may have info on a secret entrance to the home of the Watchers, known to all as The Labyrinth. Wildpaw left with Ringo to scout one of the Forbidden Zones in hopes of finding a weak point or some other means of entering the Labyrinth.

The gang visited the cat tribe, only to learn that Juno had been banished because after she had escaped the Watchers, the tribe had learned she had been tainted. She had some form of strange powers as she'd set another cat on fire with her mind!

Eventually, with the help of a seer named Glitter and some particularly potent glue, the group learned that Juno was staying near the cat tribe in a trailer by herself. They also learned that they had some sort of traitor or danger traveling with them.

Finally, the group tracked down Juno (and saw her powers firsthand when they encountered two massive hornbugs. Juno informed the group that she escaped the Watchers via some form of shaft that exited up on the mountain – a sacred place.

After hiking for hours, an ice storm and several cases of hypothermia, the group arrived at the top of the mountain to find a small shack and the top of the shaft. It was time to enter the home of the Watchers…


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