Mutant: Genlab Alpha

Session 4: The Apes

The gang visited the Ape Tribe.

While sympathetic, Largo, the leader of the Gorillas, told the crew that they would need to convince Einstein and Bohr, leaders of the Chimpanzees and the Orangutans respectively, to join the
Resistance. The group failed to convince Bohr, who brought them before the tribal council.

The group gave a rousing speech and managed to convince Einstein and the Chimpanzees to stand with Largo and the Gorillas alongside the Resistance. Bohr, seeing he was losing control of the tribe, climbed another building and actually called in the Watchers!

A large fight ensued, apes and Watchers falling in the chaos, but in the end, open resistance had been sparked and Bohr lie dead. The apes joined the Resistance in heavy numbers.

As they returned from their adventure with the apes, the group saw smoke rising from the abandoned helicopter. When they neared, they found everyone else was missing…


ckthomp2 ckthomp2

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