Welcome to Paradise Valley.

You live in paradise. Your home is a vast valley, surrounded by mountains so high the peaks are covered with snow all year round. Down in the valley there are wild moors, lush forests filled with game and cold streams where fish spawn in the spring. And you are never alone – your tribe is never far away. The tribe is your safe haven, your home.

But paradise is a prison. Walls and fences buzzing with lethal current block all paths out of the valley. Every attempt to tear the fences down or climb them is punished harshly by the Watchers. Your jailers. Nightmare machines. Drones in the sky monitor every step you take. Walkers march into your tribe without warning and force you to obey their metallic commands. Sometimes they abduct members of your tribe, and take them to the subterranean Labyrinth. When the victims come back they are forever scarred by the Watcher’s grotesque experiments, memories and personalities erased. If they come back at all.

Despite never having tasted freedom, the dream of roaming free burns within you. You were not created to live like this. You know it. You feel it in every fiber of your body. Some day you will be free. Some day.

For generations, your tribe elders have advocated submission and cooperation. Doing what the Watchers say and participating in their experiments is the only way to prove yourselves worthy of freedom. To finally join the humans, your creators who left you and are waiting out there. You have heard this since you were little cubs.

But some of you are fed up with the sick games the Watchers play. You would rather fight, track down your machine jailors and confront them. Destroy them and take your freedom by force. You call your struggle for freedom the Resistance. But who is really on your side? Who is secretly serving the Watchers as informants and collaborators?

The day of reckoning is coming. The Resistance grows, and so does the oppression of the Watchers. Soon, no animal in Paradise Valley will be untouched by the conflict. Will you win your freedom – or be crushed by the mysterious enemies in Genlab Alpha?

Mutant: Genlab Alpha

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