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  • Johnny 05

    Johnny 05 is a new member of the Resistance. Recruited by [[:truffaut-21-wildpaw | Truffaut 21 (Wildpaw)]], he hopes to learn how to cure as many diseases as possible, like the Black Plague that he has read so much about.

  • Orwell 84 (Tuxedo Trotsky)

    Orwell 84 has been a member of the Resistance for a while. He helped to recruit [[:jupiter-24 | Jupiter 24]] to the Resistance. His biggest dream is of the Glorious Revolution succeeding against the Watchers.

  • Mars 13

    Mars 13 is a new member of the Resistance, recruited by [[:ringo-18 | Ringo 18]]. She joined after watching her sister, [[:venus-03 | Venus 03]], get abducted by the Watchers on the night of Wild Dance. Her biggest dream is to kill monsters and feed …

  • Jupiter 24

    Hey there, Jupiter 24 here. Now I know what you're thinking why keep reading a boring biography? Why not go to a bar and talk with some friends? Well get ready my friends, this biography is about me. Interesting, adorable and sarcastic, I'm the whole …

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