Mutant: Genlab Alpha

Session 4: The Apes

The gang visited the Ape Tribe.

While sympathetic, Largo, the leader of the Gorillas, told the crew that they would need to convince Einstein and Bohr, leaders of the Chimpanzees and the Orangutans respectively, to join the
Resistance. The group failed to convince Bohr, who brought them before the tribal council.

The group gave a rousing speech and managed to convince Einstein and the Chimpanzees to stand with Largo and the Gorillas alongside the Resistance. Bohr, seeing he was losing control of the tribe, climbed another building and actually called in the Watchers!

A large fight ensued, apes and Watchers falling in the chaos, but in the end, open resistance had been sparked and Bohr lie dead. The apes joined the Resistance in heavy numbers.

As they returned from their adventure with the apes, the group saw smoke rising from the abandoned helicopter. When they neared, they found everyone else was missing…

Session 3: The Bears

The gang decided to visit the bears and were not greeted warmly. Harpo, Groucho's brother, was running the tribe in his absence. He had capitulated to the Watchers.

Groucho dominated his brother and showed strength to the tribe. With one mighty strike, he felled his brother, who collapsed with a punctured lung. That's when the Watchers arrived. Groucho instructed the clan to save there fight for another day and allowed the Watchers to drag his brother off.

Groucho left his grandmother in charge of the tribe and insisted that they prepare to fight the Watchers, gaining yet another cell for the Resistance.

Session 2: The Rabbits

The gang visited the Rabbit tribe and learned that perhaps the rabbits are a little too dedicated to the cause.

They visited The Free Realm of Deeproot and met with General Rootus. General Rootus instructed them to travel with One-Hop-Kills and destroy a Watcher outpost. One-Hop-Kills lived up to her name, leaping on the biggest watcher and detonating herself on the machine, which survived the blast. The group made quick work of the damaged watcher and reported back to Rootus who seemed unsurprised by One-Hop-Kills' sacrifice. 

The group was viewed with distaste by the rabbits for being meat eaters and this reputation led them to being unceremoniously kicked out of The Free Realm of Deeproot when they attempted to request more aid from Rootus besides the cell they had already recruited.

Session 1: The Robot-killing Weapon
In which a new friend was met and a weapon acquired

The newly formed Resistance cell was tasked with its first mission by the leader of the Resistance, Truffaut 13. They were to acquire a rumored weapon, known as the EMP Rifle, from a dog scavenger known as Gagarin 11.

Before leaving, the gang met and was joined by a new member, Io 87. Io 87 is a seer for the dog tribe, a mystical coyote with the power of blessed sight. He was found and rescued by the Resistance along with another animal at a Watcher checkpoint. The other animal was wounded and was left behind to rest.

On their way to the dog tribe's outpost, the crew managed to destroy a section of one of the interior fences meant to separate the internal habitats. Orwell 84 charged through the fence, creating a wide opening for all to pass (just as Io 87 had predicted).

The crew also stumbled into an ambush set by a sniper bug. Some quick action allowed them to slay the beast and Mars 13 quickly turned its carapace into armor.

Finally, they reached the dog outpost, a place formerly known as a ski resort. After dominating the guard at the gate, they were allowed to enter the market. They each grabbed a drink and proceeded to gather information. They quickly learned that Gagarin 11 met with no one without a useful artifact. They learned this from Truffaut's source, Aldrin 97

After the meeting, it was decided that Io 87 and Jupiter 24 would remain inside the dog outpost at night and would help keep watch while more of their cell re-entered the camp at night. They would then make their way into Gagarin 11's cabin somehow and acquire the EMP rifle. Some great agility allowed Mar 13 and Johnny 05 to make their way quietly into the camp and into Gagarin 11's cabin through an open window.

After subduing Gagarin 11 with a sleeping potion made by Johnny 05, Mars 13 stole his key and entered the storage room. She stole the EMP Rifle and some sun glasses, leaving a cat claw in place of the ancient weapon. Then the pair quietly escaped with the rest of the cell before dawn.

They returned the weapon to Truffaut 13, who is holding onto it for safe-keeping until the time is right to use it against the Watchers. It was then, that as a successful Resistance cell, the group was put in charge of helping Truffaut coordinate and plan missions for some of the Resistance. They coordinated strikes and planned their own next mission – a visit to the rabbit tribe in an effort to recruit a new Resistance cell.

For more, read Io 87's notes on session 1.

Session 0: Welcome to Paradise Valley
In which a friend is lost and the Resistance grows

The Wild Dance is a celebration of your animal roots. The human tongue is banned on this sacred day. Instead you dance with your tribe throughout the day and long into the night.

Just as dawn was breaking, the celebration at the Cat Tribes outpost at the ski lodge was broken by the whir of machinery and warning shouts. Drones flew into the outpost like mechanical wasps, floodlights darting about wildly before settling on Venus 03

The drones swooped in and demanded that Venus go willingly. She found Mars 13 in the crowd, met her eyes and then turned to the Watchers. Venus picked up a stone and hurled it at one of the drones, shouting, "Damn you! You'll never take me alive! Long live the Resistance!"

Mars rushed to her aid, but she was the only one. The rest of the tribe stood by, knowing the consequences. Quickly, Mars and Venus were incapacitated.

Someone dragged Mars to her den, a cave hidden in the mountain nearby. When she awoke and returned to the outpost, Venus was gone and the only one who would speak to her was Ringo 18. Ringo told her that he could help her fight back against the Watchers.

Ringo led Mars out of the cat outpost. A few hours into their trek, they were surprised by a land shark. The beast erupted from the ground at Mars' feet, attacking viciously.

Thankfully, Johnny 05, Jupiter 24 and Orwell 84 arrived in the company of Wildpaw. The group dispatched the beast handily after Johnny 05 leapt into battle, biting the shark and injecting it with his venom. Before moving on, Mars skinned the creature, giving the fin to Johnny 05 and constructing a suit of shark-skin armor for herself.

It was then that they finished their journey, arriving at an abandoned contraption that the humans once called a helicopter. Wildpaw led them inside and introduced them all to her uncle and leader of the Resistance, Truffaut 13.

Two other animals were later escorted in by Ringo while Truffaut welcomed them to the Resistance and gave them their first mission: stealing a strange, ancient weapon from Gagarin 11, a scavenger in the dog tribe. This weapon, an EMP rifle, could prove to be fantastically useful to the Resistance.


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