Mutant: Genlab Alpha

Session 2: The Rabbits

The gang visited the Rabbit tribe and learned that perhaps the rabbits are a little too dedicated to the cause.

They visited The Free Realm of Deeproot and met with General Rootus. General Rootus instructed them to travel with One-Hop-Kills and destroy a Watcher outpost. One-Hop-Kills lived up to her name, leaping on the biggest watcher and detonating herself on the machine, which survived the blast. The group made quick work of the damaged watcher and reported back to Rootus who seemed unsurprised by One-Hop-Kills' sacrifice. 

The group was viewed with distaste by the rabbits for being meat eaters and this reputation led them to being unceremoniously kicked out of The Free Realm of Deeproot when they attempted to request more aid from Rootus besides the cell they had already recruited.


ckthomp2 ckthomp2

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