Mutant: Genlab Alpha

Session 1: The Robot-killing Weapon

In which a new friend was met and a weapon acquired

The newly formed Resistance cell was tasked with its first mission by the leader of the Resistance, Truffaut 13. They were to acquire a rumored weapon, known as the EMP Rifle, from a dog scavenger known as Gagarin 11.

Before leaving, the gang met and was joined by a new member, Io 87. Io 87 is a seer for the dog tribe, a mystical coyote with the power of blessed sight. He was found and rescued by the Resistance along with another animal at a Watcher checkpoint. The other animal was wounded and was left behind to rest.

On their way to the dog tribe's outpost, the crew managed to destroy a section of one of the interior fences meant to separate the internal habitats. Orwell 84 charged through the fence, creating a wide opening for all to pass (just as Io 87 had predicted).

The crew also stumbled into an ambush set by a sniper bug. Some quick action allowed them to slay the beast and Mars 13 quickly turned its carapace into armor.

Finally, they reached the dog outpost, a place formerly known as a ski resort. After dominating the guard at the gate, they were allowed to enter the market. They each grabbed a drink and proceeded to gather information. They quickly learned that Gagarin 11 met with no one without a useful artifact. They learned this from Truffaut's source, Aldrin 97

After the meeting, it was decided that Io 87 and Jupiter 24 would remain inside the dog outpost at night and would help keep watch while more of their cell re-entered the camp at night. They would then make their way into Gagarin 11's cabin somehow and acquire the EMP rifle. Some great agility allowed Mar 13 and Johnny 05 to make their way quietly into the camp and into Gagarin 11's cabin through an open window.

After subduing Gagarin 11 with a sleeping potion made by Johnny 05, Mars 13 stole his key and entered the storage room. She stole the EMP Rifle and some sun glasses, leaving a cat claw in place of the ancient weapon. Then the pair quietly escaped with the rest of the cell before dawn.

They returned the weapon to Truffaut 13, who is holding onto it for safe-keeping until the time is right to use it against the Watchers. It was then, that as a successful Resistance cell, the group was put in charge of helping Truffaut coordinate and plan missions for some of the Resistance. They coordinated strikes and planned their own next mission – a visit to the rabbit tribe in an effort to recruit a new Resistance cell.

For more, read Io 87's notes on session 1.


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